Everything else

Today is the first day of
the rest of your life;
as if
that is some sort
of profound
commencement wisdom

So comes the future
at the speed of time
unavoidable unless
you have handy access
to a starship
that sees all space

We exist
we have existed
we’re going to die;
everything else
is liable to change

Today is the first day
of the rest of everything else.

In the instant, it’s real to me

Is it madness
when in moments of unrivaled clarity
the cosmos drops its shy fa├žade
to speak, candidly
to me and
me alone?

Is it madness
when the thoughts of every soul
living and dead turn to aether
and diffuse into my conscious, now
so sensitive that each time the Earth
it tingles, a billion pinpricks
against the skull?

Is it madness
when before a great tree
in an instant I relive its thousand-year past
learn its pain and cherish its triumph
knowing that those that came first
gave it a name
long lost
except to me?
I know it, I know all.
I know it, I know.

Sometime soon all this knowledge will
dissolve into pieces so fine
that no hands could put them back in
their rightful place, in glory.

Is it madness?
Is it joy, beauty?

It isn’t real
except in the moment
it is to me.

In velvet splendor

In velvet splendor;
meandering, undulating;
to a place where no line runs;
and no word said;
with grand clarity;

gleaming towers;
they shine;
into shade then shadow;
to a place where form and function;
matter not;

to a place where love and hate;
disease, vitality;
flow free;
and never can the captured see;

never can the captured see;

Where demons dwell

Dimly lit,
patrons quiet,
assaulted by a Top 40
single that cracked the
top ten, despite
popular opinion-
total shit.

It stirs
voices quiet
yet clear, precise
a decade’s pain

Forgotten, really
the stenographer
the night before;
bourbon as
a burning salve
to an open wound
lying deep
where demons dwell
where the mind wishes to forget