The great and the terrible

It wasn’t pretty, avert your eyes
torn in half, one part blessed
by the almighty good
to lead the world
scourge the sinners
a new Age
a new Dawn

one cursed
by inane chance
to starve, to waste
slew the righteous
a new Hell
a new Dark

If I am not both
I am nothing
I am the cursed, the blessed
anointed, imprisoned
leading, starving, wasting
slew, scourged
in glory, in damnation
in the light
I am also the dark.

All or nothing
The great and
the terrible.

So it is,
so it shall be.

The revolution will not be organized

As a member of what most people would consider the political left, I am often flabbergasted and let down by my colleagues (or in this context, my comrades). The history of leftist coalitions is one of faction and division. The 1960s and the aftermath of all its rage and radical politics showed little progress, in some cases facing strong backlash. The United States began a forty year turn to the right, joined by many European democracies. 1968 saw a devastating defeat for anti-Vietnam elements and the rise of Richard Nixon. There were also setbacks in the student’s revolt in Mexico, and the events of May in France; a series of unprecedented general strikes created a socialist opposition to Charles De Gaulle that took his government to the brink of collapse. Yet a few weeks later the conservative establishment was in firm control of France, convincing winners of snap elections.

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