Our unlikely friendship

Sun sets at La Jolla Shores. Nov 14, 2014.
Sun sets at La Jolla Shores. Nov 14, 2014.

Each farewell different
the aching darkness stretches
and cowers as Gaia hurtles through
crushing void
seasons turn, reign, die, go back
into the queue

What is a sunburn, but
affirmation that we are alive
due to our unlikely friendship
with an enormous, raging

its inner chaos giving rise
to spring daffodils and year-round

O grand charioteers!


O grand charioteers!
souls who hitch onto Mars,
ride his endless fury
above sun-baked mountains
to sacred acres where
mortals seldom tread free

across the many skies
scorched by stern suns, until
a motherly moon heals
lets stout heroes stand tall;
only true explorers
see nature’s gift – complete

Unchanging, a fiction

Monuments turn to ruins
Each chiseled stone covered
with weeds, woven
in time, nature always triumphs
its children grounded
for breaking curfew

Cities rise, thrive, fall, rot
under a Sun that
in time
fade into quiet insignificance

Earth, unchanging
a fiction
for Time plays its
symphony not for humans
its notes too few and deep
in a lifetime.