Homs: a shattered ruin in the snow


The ruins of Homs, Syria in the winter snow. Courtesy of CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward.

There are no words. Tonight, hundreds of thousands of refugees will sleep in freezing temperatures, with makeshift housing and very little support- as the countries hosting them would rather they not exist.

but artfully assembled stones

time is a human invention;
the chains that held up modern society;
yet it still marches on when;
the watches and clocktowers;
cease to work and become slowly rusting mementos;

the dirge comes to its dissonant climax;
little more than a torrent of emotion;
a crude yet still-sharp blade;
upon those who remember fall upon;

buildings are but artfully assembled stones;
placed with exacting care before an;
indifferent nature rends them into dust;
every grand kingdom is ruled by Ozymandias;
though perhaps with a little less gusto;

perhaps it is best to take a lesson;
and not think that assembled stones are;
a fitting legacy. the greatest work;
grows more beautiful as time greys;

all that is built is but future ruins;
to one day stand alongside Rome and Greece as specimens;
of a vague, encompassing past;
their ideas stay while all else sits stoic;
grand spectacles of bleached-white stone;