The rage is not over in Turkey.

Well, it appears that the funeral of Berkin Elvan was just the start. Widespread anti-government protests swept Turkey yesterday and today, with two dead, several wounded, and many arrests. This comes before key local elections on March 30th that would lead Prime Minister Erdogan (so he promises) to step down if his party, AKP, loses.

Riot policeman in Istanbul, March 12th, 2014 (credit; Getty Images)

As Kiev burns

Protesters in Kiev, 23 Jan
Protestors amid carnage in Kiev // Credit: BBC

The protests in the Ukraine are intensified and now have their first fatalities. Such conflict should not be a surprise- the Ukraine has struggled since its independence from the Soviet Union to determine whether it will align with Russia or with Europe. 

These protests are wide-ranging in scope and the groups that participate. Far-right groups, anti-corruption, those advocating a better democracy. What is clear is that the Ukrainian government led by President Viktor Yanukovych has lost a great deal of its legitimacy.

Spectacular photos of fireworks weaponry from the Ukraine protests
Protestors feed their smokescreen with burning tires. // Credit: Ilya Varlamov
Riot police form a shield formation while attempting to disperse protestors. // Credit: REUTERS/Maks Levin