NaNo 2013: How it begins

I’m presently doing National Novel Writing Month for the third straight year. In 2011 I attempted to turn my Occupy experience into something paying homage to Steinbeck and the cast of characters he describes inĀ Cannery Row. In 2012 I wrote a lot of personal essays and memoir material, some of which was edited and put on this blog.

This year it’s an attempt to write fiction again- a near-future story about villains and the people that play that role.

Here’s the opening to the first chapter, “Through Crystal”:

The wind held them aloft, a billion tiny specks of crystal floating in a cloud. Were it not for a radiant sun, they would hardly be noticeable. The beams struck each point and cast innumerable rainbows. Beautiful. It was a sight that most would never see. And here, those that did see it in that brief, shining moment might never tell another soul, for today was a day of death.