On which we trace hearts

At the appointed time
thunder stands tight in formation
marching forth
to intrigue those indoors
and terrify those left scurrying
in rain-splattered streets

what separates
our fear and love of nature
is a pane of foggy glass
on which we trace hearts
and the initials certain others
before they fade, and
blue skies return

The revolution was yesterday

The revolution was yesterday.

If you missed it,
it did not miss you

nothing will ever be the same

love replaces hate
hope replaces despair
free souls soar
in a hot-air balloon
over rich fields
of corn, grown immense

The revolution was yesterday.

I was not informed of its advance
my calendar was marked with
mundane things

but such things clear a schedule
grab you by the wrist, wrench
you and demand attention

The revolution was yesterday.

each day beckons
the impossible dissolves
and the world is there to win.

It rises, brilliant

An arc
far longer than
a single lifetime
its urgency
masked, looks
wise eyes only
know the truth

Awaking, love
grapples hate
each morning
exhausted, each night
the fight inconclusive

down beneath depths
long believed myth
it grows
it rises, brilliant

the good guys
are going to win

In shifting mist

If the rain had ceased
so that in the silent streets
where the puddles soaked the
bustle up, and let the world breathe

Perhaps a chance meeting in
a plaza, thought romantic in the sunlight
though no match when the bricks
were bathed in moonlight

Maybe, in shifting we both
wandered into one another
a meeting, in transit
while headed to “more important” things

In my imagination we met, and spent
all of our collective lives together
there is remains
you weren’t there
that night, in the moonlight.