The fires return in Ukraine

Fires in Kiev.
Credit: David Mdzinarishvili/Reuters

After a lull where dialogue between the Ukrainian government and opposition was conducted and some concessions were agreed upon, a government raid on Independence Square in Kiev kicked off the deadliest day in the months of protests.

It is increasingly apparent that the western part of the country is no longer in firm government control. Compared to a mostly quiet east, it shows for outsiders the divisions that exist, and how they come to a head in the capital.

Between the lines, priests stand defiant

Credit: Sergey Gris/AP
Credit: Sergey Gris/AP

Despite plans and motions to ban religious services outside of places of worship, priests continue to give spiritual counsel amidst the increasingly violence protests in the Ukraine.

Often priests put themselves in between the riot police and protestors, in order to stand against violence and promote a peaceful resolution. An Orthodox priest in full garb is a start contrast to the ash and grime of the two sides.

Some of the greatest modern protests and struggles have had clergy in their midst- in many cases they have been led by religious leaders.