Our unlikely friendship

Sun sets at La Jolla Shores. Nov 14, 2014.
Sun sets at La Jolla Shores. Nov 14, 2014.

Each farewell different
the aching darkness stretches
and cowers as Gaia hurtles through
crushing void
seasons turn, reign, die, go back
into the queue

What is a sunburn, but
affirmation that we are alive
due to our unlikely friendship
with an enormous, raging

its inner chaos giving rise
to spring daffodils and year-round

Swaying, groaning, rising, dying – still.

Each wave slides gracefully
along the sand grown soft from
time and the kneading surf
a hundred billion grains lie
side by side as brothers, even
those hewn from strange rocks.
Sol looms large, and its foil Luna is
only a few hours away, off the edge of the Earth –
changes far too subtle to see, dwarfed
by the wild palms
swaying, groaning, rising, dying