About the author

This blog was created to talk about a variety of topics, and to analyze and promote issues that don’t get their due attention. Mass incarceration, electoral reform, the state of activism, and democracy in places outside of North America and Europe all are critical parts to the modern experience.

There are many regions of the world where serious political, economic, and social problems exist- sometimes being solved in inspiring and groundbreaking ways.

The uniting element here is the concept of justice. Gender relations, race relations, class struggle, and international conflict all ask how a society should best foster fairness and equality. How can groups of different national, ethnic, religious, and political type co-exist, and produce stable and democratic structures?

That is the question that is worth all the marbles.

Oh, and there’s poetry.

Andrew J. Mackay

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6 thoughts on “About the author”

  1. Hi Andrew–just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my Fi50 flash fiction, and let you know that blog is closing. So, if you like poetry, you’re welcome to come over to my new blog–spumonicaddo.wordpress.com–but don’t feel any pressure whatsoever. Thanks again!


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