Justice without borders

Protesting high schoolers in France
Credit: Thomas Samson AFP/Getty

French high schoolers marched in solidarity with Leonarda Dibrani, a Roma girl who was detained by police during a school trip and deported with her family to Kosovo. Dibrani is one of many young individuals sent to her “home” country- despite not speaking any of the local languages, and not having any friends or contacts there.

Along with the Dream 8 (or 9), activists born in Mexico but raised in the United States who were arrested trying to cross the border north, these are clear examples of how immigration and citizenship are getting the way of the lives of people who don’t fit the mould. The huge quantity of deportations (which remains high, the majority of which are non-criminals) under the Obama administration includes many people who have no strong ties to their home country. Taking functional members of society, who are important members in their families and communities, and throwing them into another country with no support is barbaric.

The Dream 9. Credit: NPR
The Dream 9. Credit: NPR

Author: AJM

Writer, sociologist, Unitarian Universalist.

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