Unspoken Politics celebrates 100th post

In an event I never thought would come, Unspoken Politics has now reached 100 posts over the year and a half it has been around. The past two months especially have been fruitful- since the 19th of June there have been thirty-two posts, and the number of subscribers has quadrupled.

Never before has a writing project of mine had this kind of consistency and longevity. I’ve tried to have a blog with new posts on a daily basis- to just link to a news article and provide bit about what is important or interesting int hat situation. But most of the time I feel the issue deserves more insight, explanation, and sources- and thus the fewer posts that are longer.

I encourage any reads to follow the new Twitter account for the blog (@QuietPolitics). Besides cross-posting the blog content, other stories that I read and think are important will be posted up there.

What I will be looking for in the future is more traffic through affiliation- getting good bloggers on my sidebar and hoping to be on theirs. While it’s fun to slowly get subscribers with very little publicity, it would be nice to have more people commenting, and more ideas floating around. If you’re interested in getting on my “Blogs of Interest” list, please let me know at unspokenpolitics (at) gmail (dot) com.

Finally, I’d like to thank my small readership, some who have been around since near the beginning. Every person who likes a post, follows the blog or leaves a comment shows that I’m not talking to myself here. It’s invigorating to write regularly and through these posts challenge my understanding of the issue at hand. If I can’t explain a topic easily, I need to read more sources and change the language I use until it makes sense and is, in some cases, elegant.

Thank you again, I hope to write another post like this for the 200th post some time in the near future.

Author: AJM

Writer, sociologist, Unitarian Universalist.

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