but artfully assembled stones

time is a human invention;
the chains that held up modern society;
yet it still marches on when;
the watches and clocktowers;
cease to work and become slowly rusting mementos;

the dirge comes to its dissonant climax;
little more than a torrent of emotion;
a crude yet still-sharp blade;
upon those who remember fall upon;

buildings are but artfully assembled stones;
placed with exacting care before an;
indifferent nature rends them into dust;
every grand kingdom is ruled by Ozymandias;
though perhaps with a little less gusto;

perhaps it is best to take a lesson;
and not think that assembled stones are;
a fitting legacy. the greatest work;
grows more beautiful as time greys;

all that is built is but future ruins;
to one day stand alongside Rome and Greece as specimens;
of a vague, encompassing past;
their ideas stay while all else sits stoic;
grand spectacles of bleached-white stone;

Author: Andrew Mackay

Writer, sociologist, Unitarian Universalist seminarian (joint MDiv/MSW starting Fall 2020).

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