Marina Ginestà; Barcelona, 1936

Marina Ginestà; Barcelona, 1936

Last week I read a friend’s history thesis, about anarchist guerrillas in Catalonia after Franco won the civil war. Marina, who was part of a youth communist militia (the Juventudes Comunistas), has that subtle confidence that I read about, that makes the Second Spanish Republic such an interesting and unusual period in history.

As of 2008, Marina was still alive, having lived well into old age. Many young women such as her were killed in the fighting.

Author: AJM

Writer, sociologist, Unitarian Universalist.

11 thoughts on “Marina Ginestà; Barcelona, 1936”

  1. I’m curious about this photograph. The reference suggest that Marina Ginesta was on the roof of the Hotel Colon, now on the Placa Nova across from the Basilica, which is blocks away in the photograph. Unless the hotel had moved after the photograph was taken, the building would more likely be on the west side of the Placa de Catalunya.


      1. There’s no implication, if one assumes good faith.

        I’m always looking for people to help make things as accurate as possible. Quite often when I go to forums about historical photos there are serious issues with person, place, and time.


      2. I am happy with it, it certainly looks authentic to me. Thanks Andrew, I was just replying to the picky comment about Barcelona geography really. Cheers, Pete.


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