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All my thinking lays on fragile ground

This diagram depicts how people come to make a decision- YES means a utilitarian (greater good) response. Personal means the crisis affects you. I’ve started watching the recorded lectures of Michael Sandel’s “Justice” course, a philosophy series (that feels like … Continue reading

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“I’m not racist…”

Reading through a history of film textbook, the third chapter included something that pops up quite often among white people- and it’s a terrible and invalid excuse when it’s trotted out. The Birth of a Nation, a 1915 silent film … Continue reading

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Coming out…as living with a mental illness

In a perfect follow-up to my earlier post on mental illness and stigma, Al Jazeera America has posted a lovely feature about Elyn Saks, a distinguished legal scholar who “came out” as schizophrenic in 2007. I think her story helps … Continue reading

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Understanding what mental illness is and is not

I’ve been featured twice recently in articles about the Affordable Care Act and its impact on mental healthcare- first by the Peninsula Press, and subsequently by Generation Progress, which is an offshoot of the Center for American Progress think tank. … Continue reading

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Unspoken Politics Radio- first episode

  Today is the release of the first episode of Unspoken Politics Radio. It’s very much an alpha, I don’t have any prior experience and the sound quality is difficult to get. I hope to have other people on in … Continue reading

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Michael Sam, and what a LGBT milestone is

This weekend has been dominated by the coming out of Michael Sam, an elite college football defensive end, who helped lead the University of Missouri to an incredible season. Coming out as he looks towards the NFL draft and a promising … Continue reading

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The exonerated, the innocent, the executed.

An updated report (PDF) by The National Registry of Exonerations indicates that a record number of people in 2013 were freed after serving years in prison for crimes they did not commit. 87 people were exonerated, 40 of which were serving … Continue reading

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Kshama Sawant’s socialist response to Obama’s record and promises

Kshama Sawant, the socialist Seattle city councilwoman elected last November, produced a response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address (text here). As her campaign, along with Ty Moore’s in Minneapolis have done, it is a reality check … Continue reading

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A reminder

From time to time there are certain words, sounds, ideas that electrify me. My upper arms go numb, and the sensation spreads down my back and collects in my spine. It is a wonderful paralysis for that instant, replaced with … Continue reading

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How we are tested

I believe we are ultimately tested most not by how we love our families, our friends. I don’t believe we are ultimately tested by how we love our enemies. I think all we value, or say we value, is tested … Continue reading

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